I love about anything thats got to do with animation. I am a fan of Anime and Manga and am into Naruto, D.Gray man, Tegami bachi, One piece and similar stuff. My favorite game of all time is Final fantasy 9 and a close second place goes to Kingdom hearts.

The Disney and Dreamworks fandoms are fighting about HtTYD and BH6



Me and my friend is watching the nut job, and we keep making jokes about it, love the title





Thanks guys, I needed this talk

lianarainbow50, here’s to you.

I was definitely NOT expecting the last one oh my G O D 

I was like ohh so cute and then the last one came and… WTF

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More toned paper sketches! Done with Col-Erase pencil, ebony pencil, white colored pencil, and gouache. 

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Guardians & Pitch | First + Last Appearance

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((I made this and I’ve been laughing for one thousand years))


I can’t BELIEVE this, Dreamworks COMPLETELY ripped off TARZAN this is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE let’s all spam the CROODS tag to show EVERYBODY that this BLATANT ACT OF PLAGIARISM won’t go unnoticed!

…that’s how fucking stupid you look when you try to make the dumbass claim that Big Hero 6 is a “ripoff” of How to Train Your Dragon or that Hiro’s design was “stolen” from Jack Frost’s okay bye